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AP’s Next Step!

Hi, this is Andrea Trudeau. Diane Borrison and I founded Advanced Professionals in 1994. Our firm grew and succeeded on our unwavering commitment to a strong service culture, innovation, and simply being involved in our community. Diane retired in 2011 after a successful career but our joint commitments are deeply embedded in the framework in the culture of our evolving firm. As we are changing and evolving, the industry is as well, and successful benefit firms must assist their employer communities in more and innovative ways to meet these changes.

To this end, I am excited about the next chapter of Advanced Professionals to becoming the next great independent insurance company: ABD Insurance & Financial Services (ABD). I know that my 20-year passion for being client-centric will continue. As ABD, we will remain privately owned and managed which is critical when putting client’s needs first. Being together under one company and collaborating with the industry’s brightest minds will lead advancement that will aid in keeping our clients ahead of their competition.

Much has changed over my 20-year career and I am certain the future will look far different than it does today. We will have complex regulatory issues that will lead to the necessity of more strategic planning, plan innovation and cutting edge communications. I am proud to be a founding principal of a firm that has a staff dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding the needs of our clients. With this growth we continue to show our commitment to our clients by providing the best service and resource platform the industry has to offer. I’m certain we will deliver on this commitment as we are well positioned to move forward and have what it takes to succeed: strong momentum and an unwavering dedication to providing services that are relevant, reliable, innovative and efficient.

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